KP2’s Rap /Hawaiian Chant (A Rant) for Endangered U.S. Animals

By KP2, Translated by Terrie M. Williams, Ph.D.

Monk seals are Hawaii’s State Mammal,
        While topping America’s endangered animals.
Only eleven hundred of us are left,
        due to plastics, sharks, and fishermen’s nets.

Without creative solutions,
some locals call monk seals “invasive pollution.”
We’ve been starved, shot, and shark thrashed;
on some island beaches we’ve even had our heads smashed.   
Ancient history proves our critics wrong.  The scientific evidence is strong.
No matter what they say!  Who are they?  We monk seals were born on Island waves!

Compare the Islands to the Mainland States,
        There’s more that’s missing than hula, rainbows and lunch plates.
While the others boast their own state seal,
        only Hawaii has the flippered deal.

The Texas state mammal is a steer.
 In eleven states it’s the white-tailed deer.
You’ll see state coyotes and hound dogs;
six states with bears, a manatee and ground hogs.
State endangered mammals are harder to find.    
Not just from these lists but from everyone’s minds.  
If you want Florida panthers and right whales to stay, better recognize they’re born in the U.S.A.!

In Maryland, cats, dogs and horses are state animals.
        They honor Smith Island cake but not one wild mammal.
The same is true of Iowa and Indiana,
        North Dakota, Rhode Island and District of Columbia.

Yet, states sell the oceans to Big Oil and fisherman.  
Darn it, they even sold Lanai to Oracle’s Ellison.
Shouldn’t animals have the right to say,
if and when their homes go away?    
Forget Democrats and Republicans, let wildlife determine November’s win.
I’m sure black-footed ferrets and otters would say, “Hey, wait one minute we’re also born in the U.S.A.”!

Who will protect America’s most endangered residents?
        We’ll find the proof in our nation’s next president.
To hear wolf howls, monk seal grunts and dolphin voices
        Stretch your political muscle and consider your choices.

Send a message to Romney and Obama,
America’s Ark is in need of ohana, (especially me since I had no seal momma!)
Forget dogs on roofs, and birth certificate proofs .
(Obama and I share the same island roots!)
Protect our lands and clean up our waters.  Do it for your future sons and your daughters.
For you see, no matter what others might say, we were ALL born in the U.S.A!


KP2 was orphaned on Kauai and appointed Ambassador for the Hawaiian monk seal.  His Rant was translated by Terrie M. Williams, Ph.D., author of “The Odyssey of KP2: an orphan seal, a marine biologist and the fight to save a species.” To find out how you can help save the endangered Hawaiian monk seal go to

Here are some state statistics:

•    11 states list the white-tailed deer (non-endangered) as their state animal/mammal.

•    5 states list either the grizzly bear or black bear as a state animal.

•    Rather than an endangered animal,  many states list favorite state foods (New York has a state muffin – the apple muffin; Maryland has a state cake – the Smith Island cake; South Dakota fry bread; Minnesota has no state mammal but they do have a favorite state grain (wild rice) and muffin (blueberry muffin)

•    Rhode Island has no state mammal but they do have a state rock-cumberlandite while Utah has a state cooking pot (Dutch oven)

•    For endangered mammals there is Hawaii’s monk seal, Alaska’s bowhead whale, Georgia and Massachusetts right whale. Florida is doing well recognizing their endangered animals with the Florida panther AND the manatee – who even made their license plate!

•    20 states list milk as their state beverage (but California lists wine and Alabama lists whiskey)

Each state could bring recognition to their state and the plight of their endangered animals by considering state status.

Download my Rant for Endangered Species to share with family and friends.  Do you have a poem or song about monk seals or another endangered animal that you would like to share?  Share it on our Facebook page.

pdfA Rant for Endangered Species by KP2

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