Save A Real Seal™ And Help Conserve An Entire Species

plushWe are proud to announce a unique conservation program in which you, your family and friends, your school or organization can become part of the efforts to save the Hawaiian monk seal. The Save a Real Seal™ program directly links you with a real monk seal living in the Hawaiian Islands, and the scientists working to save them. By adopting one of our plush seals and describing your ideas for ocean conservation or nominating a “marine hero” you will be given responsibility for one of the last remaining tropical seals. There are only 1100 Hawaiian monk seals in the wild – therefore there will be only 1100 of these toys available, each one tagged with its unique NOAA ID tag. This is YOUR seal to save.

When you adopt your Real SealTM you will receive:

  1. Your Real SealTM plush including a tag with your unique NOAA ID
  2. Access to the online Real SealTM community
  3. Access to downloadable, standards-based education materials for teachers & parents
  4. Access to downloadable natural history information about Hawaiian Monk Seals


You now have the rarest opportunity- the ability to change the world and help save an entire species. That is the kind of impact you can have by saving your Real Seal™. 100% of the profits from this campaign are put directly back into primary research to help save monk seals. Find out more about the research that we do with monk seals at the Marine Mammal Physiology Project by visiting our research page.

monk-and-plushThe Save a Real Seal™ program recognizes that it will take more than research to save monk seals. That is why we encourage people who become part of the exclusive adoption community to take a step beyond their adoption by participating in a project that will benefit monk seals or will raise awareness about their challenges. Projects can be as simple as doing a beach clean up with your family to writing a letter to congress about your support for monk seals. After you have completed your project come back to and share your experience with our monk seal adoption community.

Want to join the Save a Real Seal™ Adoption Community?

Save YOUR monk seal NOW and help SAVE A SPECIES!

Visit our Save a Real Seal™ sponsorship community to see what projects other members have done to benefit monk seals or visit our Save Monk Seals Hall of Fame to see who has become an honorary member for the work they have done to save monk seals.


Consider a Real Seal™ for your classroom mascot and gain access to our exclusive downloadable turnkey Monk Seal learning modules for your classroom, daycare or afterschool program.

How Will Your Adoption Fee be Used?

hoailonamorphsThe money generated from the Save a Real Seal™ adoption campaign directly supports the critical science we are completing with Hawaiian monk seals. Currently, science at the molecular level is 115 times more likely to be funded then work with large animals such as Hawaiian monk seals. Common sources of science support through federal and state agencies do not exist for endangered species. By adopting a monk seal you are helping to provide the funds necessary to complete the science which will aid in the discovery of solutions for the plights Hawaiian monk seals face. These funds not only support the science, but also help us provide food, medical supplies, and enrichment to our resident Hawaiian monk seals. Additionally, your support assists us in being able to provide one-of-a-kind educational experiences about Hawaiian monk seals for students around the world, instilling a passion to help this endangered species.

We invite you, and your friends, to join our team and help save this critically endangered species from going extinct. Learn about Hawaiian monk seals through this unique and exclusive adoption experience and share the story with someone. Join our team and live the adventure as we search for the answers to save the Hawaiian monk seal.

If you are interested in making an additional donation to our Hawaiian monk seal projects, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

With Your Help WE Can Do It...

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead

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